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"The no1 source for hair care discovery online..." 

Haircrush is a place for hair care discovery. We share natural hair care tips, protective styling inspiration & latest trends.

We also explore the hair care routines of inspiring women. Our editors go into the homes your favourite muses to talk hair care, career, and what hair means to women today. They review and share the products you need to know about.





I've always had a passion for hair. Ever since I was in my mid-teens, I would experiment a lot. With colour, styles, extensions and cuts. It allowed me to express myself through trial and error - but also allowed me to build a wealth of knowledge that I still hold today. Couple that with an innate desire to help women feel beautiful and confident, I was always that friend giving hair advice. 

To give to others is the very essence of our existence. We all need to find our platform to give, to share, to empower. My platform is all things hair, so Haircrush is my gift to you. I hope that it inspires you, sparks your creativity and allows you to unlock the many ways of expressing what your hair means to you.





Trey Koma enjoys weaving words together into prose and poetry - creating beauty from inordinate things. Her passion for both science and literary art is reminiscent in most of her written works. Having started writing as a little child, she sees words as the tickets through which imagination travels to others. She hopes to channel this literary passion into ensuring that ladies see hair care as an art, as poetry - a necessity.


Stephanie AttreBi | writer

Stephanie enjoys fashion, all forms of the creative arts, reading (and Beyoncé!). Her love of books birthed her love of writing and so began this need for an outlet filling many a notebook or journal. She would like to challenge ways of thinking in the world of hair care as she believes there is so much power in representation.



Deanna enjoys kickboxing, trying out new crockpot meals, and visiting her local farmer’s market. She loves writing because it serves as an outlet for her creative energy, and is also a place where she can be open and vulnerable with herself. If she could change one thing in the world of hair care, it would be more visibility for 4c afro hair in mainstream media.



Anita enjoys travelling and discovering new and exciting places. Her passion for travel set in motion her love for content creation, which acts as an avenue to express her creativity. She hopes to create content that will teach and inspire others in the hair community.