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Hair Secrets | Leah Thomas, Sustainability Lover & Wellness Writer


Leah is a sustainability lover and wellness writer at Based in Southern California, Leah talks to us about her passion for green beauty and why Diana Ross is her ultimate haircrush.

@greengirlleah via Instagram

@greengirlleah via Instagram

On her personal hair experiences: 

When I was younger, I had relaxer before I could even say "Oh, what are these chemicals?!'' I got to college (university) and starting really examining my identity. At the time, I got a sew-in (weave) that was so bad that I when I went to scratch my scalp, I noticed that it was bleeding! After that, it really prompted me to take a break - I decided not to do any relaxers and cut off a bunch of my hair. My natural curl pattern started to emerge and I really liked it. It definitely made me more interested in different protective styles I could do. I've been natural for 5 years now and it was a process because I was so used to seeing myself a certain way, particularly with long, straight hair.  

On her number 1 cult product:
With my blog, I'm always trying new products out so that's really difficult! But for ingredients, I really like Apple Cider Vinegar when it comes to moisturising my hair. I just love the way it makes my scalp feel - it really balances the ph of my scalp. So any product that has Apple Cider Vinegar in it or a two-in-one solution in it would be my absolute favourite. 

On her go-to hair style: 

Definitely box braids or 'individual braids' as they call them here in California. My go-to protective style always! 

On trying new hair products:
I used to work for Kimberly Elise (the actor) and we launched a haircare line about a year ago. I really love the products because it's something Kimberly had just been working on in her house before she went to the lab to get them tested. What I love is that it is specifically for type 4 hair (really coily hair) so it works really well for me. Another brand I really like is Shea Moisture - they're a bit more commercial now but I think their products still work! 

On her bedtime routine:
I'm really simple when it comes to bedtime! I try to wrap my hair as much as possible or I'll use a silk/satin pillowcase. 

On where she sees herself in 5 years:
I have my first speaking engagement next week in New York City so I'm really excited about that! It is a green and natural beauty curated conference specifically for women of colour. I think I'm really going to enjoy it. Hopefully in the next 5 years, I'll be able to speak more on natural and sustainable living and see my brand expand. 

On her ultimate haircrush
Probably Diana Ross! I just love what she does with her hair - even when it's not her hair, her wigs are amazing. 

Instagram: @greengirlleah



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