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Hair Secrets | Danielle Perea, Social Media Manager & Blogger

Danielle is a Social Media Manager and lifestyle blogger at where she shares her personal style, social life, home-made recipes, and random musings.


Danielle talks to us about korean hair masks, night time hair care and a simple daily routine that is so easy to follow.


On her personal hair experiences: 

“I’m from the Philippines, but nearly every one I meet says ‘You can’t be Asian! Your hair is curly??’ My hair started off wavy when I was younger and as I grew older it just became more curly. I love my curls now but throughout school I straightened it a lot…it was all about fitting in. Until, one day I just felt the need to embrace my natural texture. There are so many young girls out there who are so insecure about their hair but they need to love themselves in their unique beauty.

On her favourite product:

Moroccan Oil. 100% natural Moroccan oil is the product I can’t live without. I’m really low maintenance when it comes to my hair — I literally smooth in the oil after I co-wash my hair and let it air dry. I DON’T shampoo, it just dries it out! Wake up, co-wash in the shower (Tresemme Keratin conditioner), rinse, apply oil, comb it through & let it air dry.

On experimenting with hair care: 

I would really recommend hair masks, the moisture they add to your hair is unbelievable. Ouai is a really good brand, a little on the expensive side so I use these once in a while. Korean hair masks are also amazing — they make my hair feel so soft.

On her bedtime routine:

I never really tie my hair up when I’m going to sleep. I’d rather leave it be, to breathe overnight. I’ve noticed that when I tie it up, I get loads of snags from hair bands which causes my hair to break. Also, don’t underestimate the power of eating a well balanced diet. You are what you eat, even down to your hair! Another thing is, I tend to use hair vitamins from time to time. It Works is my go-to, and no kidding it definitely does work (a bonus is that its for your skin and nails too).

On her ultimate haircrush: 

My ultimate haircrush of all time would have to be Queen B (Beyonce). She’s just fabulous, end of story.”

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