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Hair Secrets | Angela 'Curlbellaa' Onuoha, Natural Hair Influencer


Angela is a natural hair influencer and runs a YouTube channel where she shares hair, beauty and lifestyle tips. Angela talks to us about her hair experiences living in the Netherlands and her future plans to help woman embrace their natural hair. 

Angela 'Curbella' Onuoha via Instagram

Angela 'Curbella' Onuoha via Instagram

On her personal hair experiences: 

I started off with my mum doing my hair - and my mum is Caucasian so she really had to learn how to work with my hair. At first it was braids, and then when I was about 11, she started relaxing my hair. Growing up seeing celebrities like Ashanti and Aaliyah all having straight hair, I started doing my hair myself trying to get it as flat and straight as possible! Of course, that's the point at which it started to break off. I thought to myself, if I continue, I will go bald so I had to do something. That really sparked my interest in haircare and I started doing research around reviving damaged hair. Then I stumbled upon YouTube and that was it. The first thing I did was transition into going natural and caring more about my hair. 

On her number 1 cult product:

The product I keep on grabbing is from Curls. It is their Twist & Shout Cream. I like to do braid outs because it's so humid here in the Netherlands - this product works perfect for braid outs. 

On her go-to hair style: 

I love wash-and-gos (washing your hair, conditioning and leaving to dry) however as I said, because it's so humid in the Netherlands this just doesn't work. So I tend to stick to braid outs. I can redo them before I go to bed or redo the top layer to give it more definition and to be honest, that's the best way to get through my week. 

On trying new hair products:
In the past, I really loved co-washing (washing hair with just conditioner). I stopped doing it and I don't know why. 'As I am' sent me their cowash and I fell in love with it. It just made me think, why am I not co-washing anymore! 

On her bedtime routine:
First thing - my satin pillowcase. I take it everywhere. When I travel it's the first thing I pack. I also keep it very simple by putting my hair in a pineapple (loosely securing your curly hair at the top of your head to prevent tangled hair and preserve curls overnight) and add some oils for my scalp. Sometimes using a scalp oil with mint in it is great at relieving an irritating itch. 

On where she sees herself in 5 years:
I guess the sky is the limit - within 5 years, I hope to have some sort of platform online or offline to make the way that I educate about hair more personal. Maybe even Skype calls with people to really advise them on how to take care of their hair and also accept their hair. I think there are a lot of women out there who look at other people as inspiration but also at the time wish they had their hair texture. So I'd like to focus on the psychological part of help women accept their hair and feel confident.

On her ultimate haircrush
That's a difficult one. She is my haircrush because I got to know her in person - Lauren Lewis. We went on a press trip together and managed to hang out the whole trip! She's beautiful and her personality makes her even more beautiful. Yes, she is definetely my haircrush.


Instagram: @Curlbellaa



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