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You'll Never Look Back After Using A Hair Steamer


Deep conditioning your hair is an important part of keeping natural hair moisturized and healthy. Hair steamers are a popular tool to use when you deep condition on wash day - and here’s why!

by Deanna Thompson


What do hair steamers do?

Hair steamers produce an ultra-fine mist of moisture that can be easily absorbed into your hair. The steam helps to lift your hair’s cuticles, improve the elasticity of your hair, and define your hair’s natural curls.

@  torrensalicia    on Instagram

@torrensalicia on Instagram

Additionally, combination of heat and water from the steamer can help to stimulate scalp growth!

What kinds of hair steamers are there?

There are hand-held hair steamers, like the ever popular Q-Redew. One benefit of using a hand-held steamer is that you can target specific sections of your hair during the steaming process.

@ christinavega_  on Instagram

@christinavega_ on Instagram

There are also traditional table-top steamers, or steamers that come with a stand. These steamers provide an all-over steaming treatment that your hair will love!

@  pistachiohairwonders     on Instagram

@pistachiohairwonders on Instagram

Who should consider trying hair steamers?

If you deep condition on a regular basis, and find that your hair is still dry or not retaining moisture, consider using a steamer to help lift your hair’s cuticles to help your conditioner penetrate your strands. Some ladies may find that the heat from a traditional hooded dryer is too drying for their hair. Steaming is a gentler way to help your hair attract and retain moisture.

If you have natural hair that has low porosity (meaning that your hair’s cuticles lie flat), you might also benefit from trying hair steamers.

Hair steamers may be just the thing your hair needs - it will provide moisture, elasticity, and define your curls, no matter your hair type! Ladies with tight coils or loose waves will benefit from using a hair steamer. Consider adding one to your hair care regimen for use during your next wash. Make sure that your hair is thoroughly coated with your conditioner to ensure that the steam from the steamer helps the ingredients to penetrate your hair shaft. After you rinse, you will find that your hair is shinier, moisturized, and defined!




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