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Why We Love 4c Afro Hair

4c hair is the most common, yet most overlooked natural hair type.  But there’s more to love about 4c hair.  Here are a few reasons why!

By Deanna Thompson


1. It’s versatile

 You can go from a shrunken fro reminiscent of the afros of the 60s and 70s, to stretched and voluminous hair that rivals Chaka Khan’s, or you can rock sisterlocs! Having 4c hair means you constantly have a wide variety of styling options available to you.

2. It’s diverse 

Contrary to popular belief, not all 4c afro hair is the same.  4c afro hair can be thin and have low density, or it may be extremely dense, and have high density. 

3. Protective styles hold up extremely well  

Twists, braids, and buns are popular go-to hairstyles for ladies with 4c hair, and for good reason.  4c hair tends to respond very well to these types of protective styles.  Twists in 4c hair will rarely unravel, and you can always count on achieving voluminous hair through a simple twistout or braidout.






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