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Why The Teenage Baby Hair Trend is Back and Here to Stay


You’ve seen it everywhere: beautiful, laid edges on girls with braids, buns, and weaves. The teenage baby hair trend has taken Instagram by storm! Here are some reasons why the trend is hot - and why we don’t see the trend dying down any time soon.

 By Deanna Thompson


The History of Baby Hairs

According to “[Detangling Our Roots] The History of Baby Hairs” by Princess Gabbara, styling your baby hairs is a trend that started sometime in the 1970s. The trend continued well into the nineties, and for both men and women, slicked baby hairs meant that you were as fly as can be.

Why is the trend still around in 2019?

The baby hairs trend didn’t end in 1999; all over Instagram, you can see images of men and women with slicked down, intricately styled baby hairs.


In Princess Gabarra’s article “The History of Baby Hairs”, she mentions that baby hairs help to give one a youthful appearance. Nowadays, many men and women are interested in retaining their youthful appearance. So, as long as looking youthful is “in”, we can bet that baby hairs will stay trendy, too.


Another reason for the growing teenage baby hair trend is that it gives you the ability to be creative! If you’re interested in trying out the baby hairs trend, first make sure to grab your favorite gel and a spare toothbrush. Lay the gel on your edges, and then brush gently using your toothbrush. If you are feeling fancy, try styling them into waves or curls.


One of the great things about this trend is that anyone can join in. Will the baby hairs trend still be around in 2029? Who knows! What do you think?




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