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The Perfect Wash and Go


It may be March, but we’re already thinking about summer hairstyles! Wash and gos are a great, quick and easy style to wear during the summer. Read on for our tips to creating a great wash and go.

 By Deanna Thompson


Clarify your hair

No matter your hair type, a great wash and go begins with clean and clarified curls. If you want your curls to pop, you must start with hair that is clean and free from product residue. Begin with a good shampoo like Kinky Curly’s “Come Clean Shampoo.” It is sulfate free and will cleanse your hair without stripping it!



Use a good styling gel

The way to get defined curls is to use a good styling gel to define your texture. If you normally use a heavy styling cream or butter (like shea butter), you might want to ditch it for a wash and go. One great option to consider is the Camille Rose Lavender Gel. Whatever you use, make sure it is best suited for your hair.


Use the shingle method or finger coil to define your curls.

If you have tighter curls, you might benefit from trying the shingle method to define your wash and go. When doing the shingle method, you separate out individual strands of hair and rake the product through the hair. This is good for tighter curls because it ensures that each strand is defined. If your hair has a looser curl, you might be able to rake the gel through your curls in sections.



Let your hair dry, or use a diffuser.

 The key to a beautiful wash and go is to leave it alone! After you have used your gel and parted your hair how you like, let it air dry for a couple of hours, and don’t touch your hair. If you do, you risk disturbing your curls or causing them to frizz up! Alternatively, you can use a diffuser, if that is more suited to your liking.


Remember: cleansed curls, a good styling gel, and time is all you need to create a beautiful wash and go. All hair types can achieve a wash and go - just research and find what works best for your hair!








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