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The Best Places to get a Silk Press in London


Now the silk press, for all its warnings e.g. heat damage, can actually have its benefits like lower maintenance, the serums used do have some protective elements to them and can just look amazing if done by a professional.

I know, I know, as a natural you now have major trust issues when it come to other people doing your hair, especially if we’re talking about those salons where a stylist would put you under a dryer and could quite possibly have left you there for 5 hours whilst they started and completed another clients braids…

However if you’re open to working through your PTSD and looking for a silk press in London, keep scrolling for a few of the best places we’ve found.

 By Stephanie attrebi


mimi et mina

Mimi et Mina were recently voted Best Afro Hair Salon in the UK by Refinery29 and is a luxury multicultural boutique salon located in Notting Hill with a ‘cosy, elegant and private environment for a high quality of services’ including the silk press.

16 Needham Road, London, W11 2RP

image via instagram @mimi_ et _mina

image via instagram @mimi_et_mina

elite hair lounge

After opening in 2015 and garnering much success on Instagram, Elite Hair Lounge are a very popular salon located in Stockwell, who specialise in the silk press. Highly rated with proven results check out their Instagram here.

24 Sidney Rd, London SW9 0TS

image via

image via


ebony b

EbonyB salon specialises in natural hair care and styling. Located in Highbury and Islington, their ‘expertise is in tailor made hair care treatments as well as the silk press and exceptional protective styling for natural Afro hair.

205 Blackstock Road, London, N5 2LL

image via

image via


martyn maxey

With over 20 years in the business, luxury hairdressers Martyn Maxey located in Marylebone do all textures of hair under one roof. They source experienced Afro-Caribbean hair specialists and are well known for their silk press and relaxers.

104 Wigmore Street, London W1U 3RN

image via

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