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Scalp Massagers: We Find Out If They Are Worth The Money

Scalp massagers are a popular tool to use during shampooing, and for scalp massages.  But are they really worth the investment? Read below to find out.

By Deanna Thompson


Benefits of doing scalp massages 

Regular scalp massages are known to help stimulate scalp growth, reduce stress, and, in a pinch, help to reduce painful headaches.  Scalp massages can be done directly to the scalp, or using a carrier oil, such as jojoba or olive oil, to increase blood circulation.

What are scalp massagers?

Scalp massagers usually come in two forms: manual or electric. Manual scalp massagers, like the one below, cost anywhere from $5 - $10/£3 - £7.  

stirvaxcurls  on Instagram

stirvaxcurls on Instagram

Electric scalp massagers are usually powered by a battery, and vibrate to give your scalp a deep clean, like the one below. 

mornwellfanpage  on Instagram

mornwellfanpage on Instagram

Most electric scalp massagers are water-resistant, so you can use them in the shower. Ladies who have dense natural hair - or if you struggle to achieve a clean scalp during wash day - may benefit from using this kind of scalp massager. Electric scalp massagers can cost you anywhere from $15 - 30 (please convert to £ as needed).   

What's better - using your fingers or using scalp massagers?

You can easily do scalp massages on your own with your fingers. However, manual and electric massagers present a number of benefits that may help you to maintain a clean, healthy scalp:

A deeper clean:  Electric and manual massagers can get deeper into your roots to remove dirt and buildup. 

Easy to use:  Most massagers can be used in the shower while you shampoo, and they are easy to clean.

Protects your nails:  Scrubbing your scalp with your fingers can be tough on your nails and cause them to break.  By using a scalp massager, you are giving your nails a rest.

So, are scalp massagers worth the money?

We say yes.  Both kinds of massagers thoroughly clean your scalp, stimulate blood flow, give your nails a break, and are easy to clean.  Whatever massager you choose, you can be sure that you're making a worthwhile investment in the health of your hair!




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