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I Want a Silk Press But I Don’t Want the Heat Damage


Getting your hair pressed every now and then is exciting: you can enjoy the benefits of straight hair, and enjoy your length.  But as we all know, putting direct heat on natural hair may lead to heat damage – but only if you don’t prepare your hair properly! Check out some of the tips I have for you to enjoy a healthy, damage-free silk press.  I’ll give you some personal tips since I got a silk press a few months ago!



Use a deep, moisturizing conditioner. 

This step is non-negotiable.  If you are like me and rarely use direct heat on your hair, this experience may dry your hair out and lead to heat damage.  So, before you blow dry your hair, apply a deep conditioner from ends to roots and let it sit for up to thirty minutes.  My stylist used the Heaven in Hair Divine Deep Conditioner for my 4c hair.

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 11.34.27 AM.png

Use the tension blow dry method over a blow dryer with a comb.  

If your goal is to minimize or avoid heat damage, use the tension method to blow-dry your hair.  It takes a little longer to dry your hair overall, but it lessens the amount of direct heat applied to your hair.  Grab your hair by the ends and run the blow dryer up and down the length of your hair until dry.  Once your hair is mostly dry, then consider using a blow dryer with a comb to smooth out any kinks. 

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Use a heat-protectant spray before you flat iron, and don’t do too many passes! 

To reduce the chances of developing heat damage, use a heat protectant like Tresemme’s Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protectant Spray.   When you use your flat iron, try to do no more than three passes with a flat iron.  Three should be just enough to get your hair straight without frying your curls!


The key to avoiding heat damage is minimal heat and a lot of moisture.  Try these tips out yourselves, or share them with your hair stylist the next time you are thinking about getting a silk press!    




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