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A Weekly Hair Routine Featuring Palmers and Cantu

Looking to add some new products to your hair routine? Well, look no further.  Haircrush has created a hair care routine for all types of curls featuring some products by Palmer and Cantu!

 By Deanna Thompson


Step One: Co-Wash

Winter’s cold, harsh air can be damaging to natural hair, especially at the ends.  Because the air is dryer and lacks moisture in the winter, it’s best to integrate weekly co-washes into your routine rather than using stripping shampoos.  Palmer’s created a Conditioning Shampoo that’s formulated with coconut oil and vitamin E to help protect and nourish your strands! 



Step Two: Detangle

To keep your hair knot-free and avoid breakage, take the time to detangle your hair, no matter how long it takes! And be gentle – natural hair is fragile.  Cantu’s Coil Calm detangler can do the trick.  It helps to smooth out your curls for soft, tangle free hair.  Apply to wet hair and detangle with your fingers or your trusty wide toothed comb.


Step Three: Moisturize

In the winter months, daily moisturizing is key to maintaining healthy curls.  After co-washing and detangling your hair, apply a moisturizer like the one below by Cantu.  It’s oil based and contains shea butter and vitamin E! Reapply your moisturizer as needed, even if it’s every night.

900 (1).jpg


Step Four: Apply strengthening treatments

 Healthy strands are strong and shiny.  If you’re looking for a product with good-for-you ingredients, consider trying the Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment by Cantu.  Formulated with shea butter, this product can be used on all types of hair to protect it from damage.  This can be applied daily, too.


At the end of your wash day, you will have hair that is moisturized, detangled, and on its way to being strong and healthy!








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