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A Beginner's Guide to Trimming Afro Hair

Trimming is an essential part of maintaining a healthy hair routine. How often you trim is solely up to you, but a general rule of thumb is to trim every 3 to 6 months. When trimming Afro hair, there are a  few tips you should follow to make your trimming session easy and tangle free. 

By Deanna Thompson


1. Trim on dry hair that is detangled


When you decide to give your hair a good trim, make sure to trim on dry hair. 4c hair shrinks easily, which means that you may not see how much hair you are actually cutting off. So make sure that you work on hair that it stretched from a blowout, twist out, or even Bantu knots. 

2. Be gentle with fairy knots or other tangles 

Remember, 4c hair is fragile by nature. When trimming, avoid the temptation to rip knots apart, as you may further damage the hair shaft. It is generally best to grab some conditioner or oil and see if you can coax the knot apart.  If you cannot get the knot to come loose naturally, considering grabbing your shears and cutting it.  

3. Pay special attention to your ends - where the damage begins


You will be able to see where your ends are thin, fragile, or breaking off. If you can see through your hair strands, it is probably damaged and needs to be cut. Stray away from the temptation to keep more of your length. 4c hair grows like other hair type, but it might be difficult for your hair if you hold onto damaged ends..

4. Trim in sections, and keep the hair taut to see where the damage ends and begins.


Trimming in sections is easier when your curls are tighter. Work on one section at a time, and hold the ends of your hair taut to see where you need to cut. Use a good pair of shears and cut where needed!

Trimming your natural hair is an essential part of a good hair care regimen. Remember that your ends are the oldest, and most important part of your hair!





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