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3 Ways To Make Your Closure or Frontal Lay Flat


Gone are the days of heat-damaged leave out and the struggle of blending textures. Wigs with closures and frontals are fast becoming the go-to protective style allowing you to slay during the day and still be able to take care of your hair during the night. Here at Hair Crush, we know you want to look your best and mastering the closure/frontal can be quite tricky! So here are 3 tips that will help with laying them as flat and as seamless as possible!

by stephanie attrebi

@glowprincess image via pintrest

@glowprincess image via pintrest

  1. Laying the foundation - Cornrows

Firstly, for the hair to be able to lay seamlessly, your hair underneath should be as flat as possible. We’ve found that the most effective way to achieve this is to braid a few thinly spaced cornrows in your hair in a direction going towards the back of your head. The smaller they are the flatter the closure/frontal will lay. But if you can’t do those, a style going all back can also work

image via Youtube: EstareLIVE

image via Youtube: EstareLIVE

2. Elastic band

Attaching an elastic band to the inside lace of your closure/frontal can also aid in laying it flat. Grab a strip of elastic about 1-1.5in wide, that will go around the back of your head. You should measure it slightly shorter than what you’ll actually need because the stretch of the elastic is what will pull in place once its been sewn on to either side of the frontal/closure. Confusing? Check out Laurasia Andrea‘s Youtube video below for a detailed visual guide.

3. Adhesive gel

We’ve also found that a gel with an adhesive formula is another popular, tried and tested method of laying or sticking that lace down. Apply the gel to the perimeter of your forehead - just before your edges- and wait for a few minutes for it to become tacky. Once you’ve cut the lace and customised the hairline of the closure/frontal, place the edge of the lace onto that tacky gel and smooth it down. You can also wrap a headscarf around it for a few minutes just for that extra hold and style as desired!

image via instagrama @6kenza

image via instagrama @6kenza

4. Wrap set mouse

Another trick is to apply wrap set mousse to your frontal/closure, seal it in with a bit of serum and wrap your head with a silk headscarf! Leave it wrapped for at least a couple of hours to reveal a natural, flawless finish. Our favourite wrap set mousse (one that doesn’t get crunchy) is from Creme of Nature - pair this with the Organix Argan Oil serum and you’re good to go. Thank us later ;)

4. Iron

This one is slightly unconventional but is probably the best option if you are in a rush. Essentially, it’s the same idea as using a hot comb to smooth out the top of your frontal or closure except this is for those of us that don’t own a hot comb. The key thing is to remember to keep the iron on really low heat. It works better if you have a wig as it is not safe to use an iron on your head. Lay your wig on the ironing board and gently smooth the iron over the top part of the wig and the sides. Voila, an ultra-sleek part in less that 2 minutes!




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