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3 Things Not To Do When Using Wigs As a Protective Style


So I think the wigs are here to stay. Yep, with more and more people embracing wigs for their versatility and relatively low maintenance, they have fast become a go-to protective style; but don’t be fooled, there are levels to this. Now for a wig to be worn as a protective style, it usually means you’ve got some kind of hair goal you’re trying to achieve underneath it. However, the wig-life could end up being counter productive. To help you avoid this, here are 3 things you should definitely NOT do…

 By stephanie attrebi


1. Do not neglect your hair underneath

You still need to keep up with your regular washdays and moisturising routines like you would if your hair was out. Moisturised hair does not mean damp or wet by the way. Your hair being covered by wig caps, being pulled by clips and elastic bands on a daily basis can cause tension on your scalp and wig caps can absorb moisture from your hair. The lack of moisture over time will cause your hair to dry out and eventually lead to breakage and no one wants that!

via instagram @glowprincesss

via instagram @glowprincesss

2. do not wear for long periods of time

Wearing wigs as a protective style should not be a long term option. As with any protective style, after a while your hair and scalp will need a break. Your scalp is skin which also needs to breathe and wigs are like hats. Can you imagine keeping your skin covered up and constantly in the dark, or wearing a hat 24/7, even to sleep? Just think of the sweat build up!! Hair that has been subject to this type of environment for long periods of time is, more of than not, very thin, fragile and brittle and when you’ve got waist length hair goals, this is a definite no no darling.

via instagram @jackieaina

via instagram @jackieaina


3. do not make it too tight

Now I don’t know about you, but even if my high bun is too tight I can guarantee an all day headache. So if you’re going to be wearing a wig fully equipped with a wig cap, lace clips and an elastic band, comfort is key. Have it too tight, and you’re looking at 2-4 paracetamols a day, including inability to make facial expressions; too loose, and you’ll be pulling it forward all day and holding it down while running - a tragedy. The friction that lace, elastic bands and wig caps cause as well as the adhesive gels, can end up wearing away the perimeters of your hair and those all too precious edges.

via instagram @morenathai_

via instagram @morenathai_

Protective styling should be just that; protective. Not making the effort to keep your own hair protected will be detrimental to your healthy hair journeys and goals. Don’t let that be you.




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