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3 Reasons Why Protein Treatments Are Important


Now there was a time I just wasn’t getting it. I tried sulphate free shampoo, co washing only, moisturising butters and creams, literally all the oils and deep conditioned for 24 hours, yes 24, yet my hair would still feel dry the very next day! Then I found out about protein treatments, which basically saved me from having to do a big chop and thank goodness because who has time for all that again. Find out below if you’re in need of a protein treatment too. It might be just the thing holding your hair back...

 By stephanie attrebi


1.balance moisture & protein

Just like protein is necessary when building strength in our bodies, it is just as important for the strength of our hair. We hear so much about moisture and keeping our hair hydrated but rarely are we informed about the need for a balance of moisture AND protein. And a sensitive balance it is because too much moisture and your hair becomes limp and mushy (moisture overload is actually a thing) but too much protein, and it causes hair to become hard and brittle which leads to breakage and no one wants that. The correct balance of protein will make it easier for your hair to retain moisture therefore making it easier to retain length.


via instagram @naptural85

via instagram @naptural85

2. Damaged hair

With all that we put our hair through, the constant styling, the heat, the chemicals even the weather, the natural keratin in our hair breaks down therefore the structure of the strands becomes weaker. A protein treatment infuses hydrolysed proteins into those hair follicles, which hardens the hairs cuticles and ultimately strengthens the strands.


3. severe breakage/shedding

If you feel that your suffering from constant shedding and breakage as in literally leaving a trail of your hair everywhere you go; finding strands on your clothes, combs full of it, that horrible snapping sound when you brush, lifting your head up off your pillow and oop.. hair!, you’re definitely in need of a protein treatment.

As well as softening your hair and removing dead cells from your scalp, protein can lay the cortex of your hair down smoothening the strands and shortening the detangling process. Consistency is key here so help keep your hair healthy and maintain its volume, strength and length by having protein treatments every 6-8 weeks. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

via instagram @alannanicolex

via instagram @alannanicolex

Protein treatments can be expensive so you may choose to D.I.Y but as with all of our hair suggestions and advice, please do your own research into all products you use and/or seek advice from professionals.




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