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Why Shampoo Bars Are the Answer to a Cleaner Scalp


Looking to add something new to your hair routine? Consider using shampoo bars to clean your scalp! Here are a few reasons why shampoo bars may be just the thing your hair needs.

By Deanna Thompson


What are shampoo bars?


Shampoo bars are naturally conditioning shampoos in solid bar form, according to Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve, an all-natural skin and haircare company in Solon, OH, USA.  Their chemical makeup differs greatly from the shampoos you might find on the shelf at your local beauty supply store.

Anita Grant shampoo bar via

Anita Grant shampoo bar via


While most liquid shampoos contain good-for-you ingredients, such as shea butter or coconut oil, they also contain synthetic chemicals aimed to increase the product’s longevity.  When you rinse your hair after shampooing, those synthetic chemicals stay behind on your scalp, and make it harder for your scalp to get completely clean. 



Why make the switch?

Shampoo bars can be infused with all-natural herbs, such as rosemary, peppermint, carrot seed oil, or lavender, and they are more gentle than commercial shampoos.  Use of natural oils helps to clean and condition your scalp all at once.  Shampoo bars that are infused with natural herbs such as peppermint or rosemary can also help to clean and balance an oily scalp.

As an added bonus, a little goes a long way.  You only need to take a small chunk of your shampoo bar to wash your hair!

What shampoo bar is best for me?

For dryer hair, look for shampoo bars that have conditioning ingredients, such as shea butter, cocoa butter, or honey.  

For hair that is oily, look for shampoo bars that contain rosemary, peppermint, apple cider vinegar, or nettle.

Be sure to look for shampoo bars that are lye-free, plastic-free, and, if important to you, made of certified organic ingredients.



If your hair has been suffering from severe dryness or buildup, consider switching out your liquid shampoo for a shampoo bar!




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