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A Complete Guide to Overnight Curly Hair Care


Girl, we know. It’s late, you’ve just come in from the longest day ever; work, catch-ups, errands, nights out and all you want to do is make a beeline for your bed but, your hair! Don’t you worry; Haircrush has got you covered. These easy tips will help have you and your hair flourishing overnight in no time at all.



1. Damage Prevention

Wrapping up or covering your hair at night is very much an ingrained and necessary step for most of us. However, the fabrics of choice play an essential role in making sure your efforts are not futile. Silk/satin scarves and bonnets are best at retaining moisture, preserving styles and protecting those delicate edges. We think the ones at SILKE LONDON are cute enough to double up as daytime wear too! Get yours here!

Image via Silke London

Image via Silke London


Alternatively, investing in a silk/satin pillowcase can also help retain moisture in your hair (and skin), prevent tangles and minimize breakage. Due to less friction from the material - especially for those of us with natural kinky/curly tresses- you will be able glide around on your pillow, without the stress of worrying if your bonnet will still be on your head in the morning. We know, right? Game changer!

2. Promote Growth

Massaging your scalp is not only highly therapeutic but can also increases blood flow to your scalp, ultimately promoting hair growth. You can do this with an electric scalp massager or just your good old hands for about 10mins every night, adding an oil of your choice (not essential). Also try inverting your head whilst massaging to get the blood really pumping. 

We found an electric head massager that does the trick. Find it here

Photo of Megan O’Neill from

Photo of Megan O’Neill from


3. Moisture and more moisture!

Adding a deep conditioner to your hair care routine can really aid in keeping your hair moisturised and healthy throughout the week, especially during these hot summer days. Try leaving that deep conditioner on overnight and covering your hair with cling film or a shower cap to maximise the moisture retainability. Wake up, rinse it out with cool water, and say good morning to soft, moisture rich hair!

instagram @itspaulaalmeida

instagram @itspaulaalmeida

4. Save time! 

Save yourself an hour or two by mixing water, an oil of your choice and a liquid based cream in a spray bottle, then apply to your hair at least twice a week before bed. This hack is especially useful when preparing to do braid outs and twist outs for the next morning. Thank us later.

instagram  @zolee_g

instagram @zolee_g

5. Preserve your styles!

We always want to preserve our natural curls, twist outs, wand curls bendy roller styles for as long as possible, but sleeping on these styles can end up ruining your desired look. The pineapple method can help combat that, and can also be tweaked slightly to suit your length and texture. All it requires is you gathering your hair at the top of your head, using a large silk/satin scarf (no hair bands) to tie around the base of your head and allowing the curls to fall forward. With shorter lengths you can part your hair into 4 and loosely tie a hair band around each section, then cover with a large bonnet

instagram  @ayyooyluap

instagram @ayyooyluap

6. Restoration!

Remembering to rinse out any gels or edge control products before bed is key to keeping your edges flourishing and prevents breakage and thinning. Just be sure to finish up with your preferred oil, massaging it on and around your hairline to lock in that moisture. Add shine and of course, promote that growth.

Tracee Ellis Ross via Instagram

Tracee Ellis Ross via Instagram




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