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15 Memorable Celebrity Hair Styles from 2018


Ahh remember the glorious ‘Rihanna hairstyle’ days. The bob, the bright red, the shaved sides, the blonde crop, I could go on. Nearly everyone I knew tried at least one of her styles. These days it seems like, with the rapid rise of social media, the impact of a ‘celebrity’ hairstyle is not what it used to be. OK sometimes there might be the odd hairstyle from someone in that family with all their names beginning with ‘K’ but other than that, not so much anymore. 

Now I know 2018 feels like so long ago already but cast your minds back; here are a few of the hairstyles that did manage to catch our attention...

 By Stephanie attrebi


1. Solange

With her and culture affirming looks, artistic vision and beautiful unique style, Solange was back at it again and again with another jaw dropping style in 2018 for the cover of Surface Magazine. Not your regular cornrows and beads but then again, what is regular about Solange?


2. janelle monÁe

Janelle Monáe served us looks on looks on looks in her Dirty Computer visual album which were all just iconic but these jumbo braids with the ombré hair… YES just YES!


3. amandla stenberg

We loved and are still in love with this box braid bob with the blunt cut ends Amandla wore on the red carpet to the BFI London Film Festival


4. sanaa lathan

In a powerful and bold move for anyone, not just an actor, Sanaa Lathan shaved her hair off for her role in Nappily Ever After. This level of carefree is where I aspire to be.


5. sza

After SZA posted this on instagram was it a coincidence that we saw and still see so many daring to try this look? I think not! The highlighter/neon/lime green straight wig was a LOOK last year and it was apparently SZA’s most liked instagram post.. until she removed it


6. Gabrielle union

Although we rarely see Gabrielle Union’s natural tresses, we know she has a gorgeous head of hair (and face). Which is why it came as a shock, or a welcomed surprise if you will, when she announced that she had significantly had her own hair cut for the first time ever in June 2018. Still love it either way. This pinned side swept asymmetrical bob is so cute!


7. Lena waithe

Another memorable cut was when Lena Waithe cut off her signature locs. She said she now feels “so free and so happy and so joyful, and I really stepped into myself”


8. rihanna

While Lena Waithe got rid of her locs, Rihanna adorned faux locs in her role as Nine Ball in Ocean’s 8. The thickness, the length and the general effortless cool of these locs, only Rihanna could have pulled this off!


9. nicki minaj

Despite that infamous fight at NYFW, Nicki Minaj’s looks stayed flawless. We Especially loved this wet look lilac to purple ombré bob


10. nicki minaj

Yes another signature bright hairstyle from Nicki because, well, this rainbow coloured wig was everything!


11. viola davis

This gorgeous curly Afro Viola Davis had at the Golden Globes was seen as a duel sense of resistance coupled with the ‘all black’ looks most of the celebs wore in support of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements at award shows that year.


12. Janet jackson

Janet Jackson donned this glorious sky-scraping ultra high wrapped ponytail on the Black Girls Rock red carpet. Her boldest look in a while!


13. beyoncé

2018 was a huge year for the Queen Bey so we couldn’t just pick one.

Who could forget the now immortalised half up half down curly hair style she wore headlining Coachella (Beychella)


14. beyoncé

Her revolutionary Vogue magazine shoot saw her show off her beautiful natural curls in effortlessly chic styles including these cornrows


15. beyoncé

That time when Beyoncé paid homage to to the great r&b songstress Toni Braxton in a short black wig! Love the darker hair looks on her!




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